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While taking Phentramine to Achieve Your Ideal Goal Weight, Here Are Some Extra Tips for Diet and Nutrition


1> Don't skip breakfast. Eat something: a piece of toast, fruit, etc. Your body's metabolism rate slows down at night and does not speed up again until you eat something. If you wait until lunch to eat, that is 4 or more hours that your body is burning calories at a lower rate.  Eat something soon after you get out of bed and your body will burn calories at a higher rate until lunch. Whatever you do follow this advice, because otherwise you are much more likely to binge later in the day.

2> Drink lots of Water. Drink lots and lots of least 8 full glasses per day.  Add a slice of lemon to spruce it up. Often, we think we are hungry when really, we are just thirsty.  So, next time you head for the fridge, grab some water first and see if that does it for you.

3> Don't go more than about 5 hours during the day without eating. That causes you to eat more at meal time. Eat healthy, low-fat snacks in between meals if you are going to go more than 5 hours without a meal.

4 > Don’t eat after dinner.  Make it a rule to not eat after dinner or at least 2 hours hour before going to bed. To break this habit, try a cup of decaff earl grey tea with some honey and a little whole milk. Find a satisfying low cal beverage that you enjoy.

5 > Eat more fruits and vegetables. These are considered to be cleansing foods, which help to detoxify the body and facilitate weight loss.  Consider blueberries which contain one of the highest antioxidant levels of all fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants reduce inflammation, which in turn can help eliminate abdominal belly fat.  Try adding blueberries to greek yogurt for a delicious protein rich snack.

6> Cut out the sugar and refined Carbs.  Sugar and Carbs make you crave more of them. ( Phentramine will control your sugar cravings ). Cutting them out really helps you not be so hungry. Substitute honey for sugar. Honey tastes just as good and is twice as sweet so you won't need to use as much.

7 > Don’t eat when you are stressed. Find another way to relieve stress.  A warm bath, a hot cup of tea or a nice long walk :-)

8 > Never starve yourself, especially before going out to eat (or you will binge). Never skip meals, you must have some kind of nourishment regularly or your body's starvation defenses will kick in, lower your metabolism, and store fat. Use nutritional meal replacements instead of skipping or eating very low calorie meals.

9> Exercise at least a half hour each day for three to five days out of the week. Biking on a stationery bike while reading is a great form of exercise to slim legs. Brisk Walking, and Swimming are also great forms of exercise.  Do whatever you enjoy most to ensure that you will stay with it.



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